My hair hurts.
When it’s wet and heavy after a shower, I can feel the weight of it pull down on my skull and it hurts.
That same sensory stimulus, that my brain used to know is irrelevant and filter out from the flurry of background sensations, is now weirdly brought to the forefront of my perception and brings me pain.

Brushing my hair hurts.
Particularly when there is a tangle that leads to a pull on a specific part on my skull.
I know that is never pleasant, but imagine that pain magnified, magnified by a hundred.

It’s weird to be aware of all the sensations going on around my skull, all because the nerves innervating it have become so sensitised that they interpret everything as harmful.

My face hurts.
My face hurts when I put cream on it.
Those same massaging motions, that used to be so soothing and pleasant, now get translated into pain.

Feeling the wind on my face hurts. And I’m not talking about that ‘normal’ uncomfortable sensation when the cold whips past your skin, I’m talking about feeling a pain response in your whole head because of a little wind.

The sun hurts.
This is the most painful one, because not only does it physically hurt my eyes, and consequently the area of my face around my eyes, but because this comes with that internal pain of not being able to enjoy one of the most elementary pleasures in life.

Sometimes one of these little things alone is enough to trigger a fully blown migraine.

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